Sunday, July 23, 2006

To introduce myself, my name is Fred S. Powers. I will post in this blog under FSPowers.
I got hit with the CW bug in 1972 when my Dad took me to Gettysburg, PA. I plan a return trip in 2007. I became "reinterested" in 1990 while on duty in the USAF in England when I discovered magazines like "America's Civil War" and "Civil War Times".
I'm a 22 year veteran of the Air Force and still serve as a Reservist (433 Airlift Wing). After 19 years as a Security Forces Member, a medical condition forced me into Education and Training.
I have a Bachelors and a Master Degree in History from a non-traditional (distance education) school that is accredited by an international agency which is not recognized by the US Department of Education. Because of that, I will not claim to be an expert, but I can say that I'm self taught. (A recent application to the National Archives with that information was rated at 93%, so I don't see that much of a problem. )
My favorite historians are Catton, Winik, Davis, Robertson, McPherson, Pohanka, Foote, and Bearss.
My CW library holds almost 200 books.
I own a few relics, including a company roster of Co. 10, Ohio Independent Sharpshooters (they became part of the 60th Ohio) which names an ancestor, Arnuah Norton, who died in Salisbury, NC prison on Nov 3, 1964.
I hope to one day take up reenacting. To that effect, I'm having two uniforms made and I own an reproduction Enfield rifle and I recently purchased some equipment.
I gave a lecture on the assault on Marye's Heights during an Air Force Reserve Instructor Course this in April 2005.
I have visited Vicksburg, Mobile Bay, Beauvoir (Jefferson Davis' last house), Kennesaw Mountain, Andersonville, and the Naval Museum at Port Columbus, GA.
I will write on various Civil War topics as well as a "Civil War week by week."

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