Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Army Organization (common on both sides)

The US named armies after rivers. EX: Army of the Potomac, Army of the James, Army of the Tennessee, Army of the Ohio. (One exception was the Army of Virginia)

The CS named armies after regions. EX: Army of Northern Virginia, Army of Tennessee, Army of the Shenandoah, Army of Missouri

Commanders Rank: US: Major General
CS: General (equivalent to 4-star rank)
Consists of at least two corps

Commanders Rank: US: Major General
CS: Lieutenant General
Consists of at least two divisions

Commanders Rank: US: Brigadier of Major General
CS: Major General
Consists of at least two brigades

Commanders Rank: US: Brigadier General
CS: Brigadier General
Consists of at least two regiments

Commanders Rank: US: Colonel
CS: Colonel
Consists of about 900-1200 men arranged in 10 companies

Commanders Rank: US: Captain and below
CS: Captain and below
Consists of an average of 100 men.


US: At Army level there was an Artillery Reserve, but it only seems to be only in the Army of the Potomac

US: Four or five batteries brought together as a tactical force
CS: These were called Battalions

US: At least two batteries but seldom served as a single unit
CS: They had permanent batteries

US: Three Sections with six additional caissons, a forge, and a supply wagon commanded by a Captain. About 155 men
CS: Two sections with similar equipment as available. About 90 men

Two guns, four limbers (with tools) and two caissons (ammunition) commanded by a Lieutenant.

US and CS: highest organizational level with at least two divisions

US and CS: two to three brigades with a battery of artillery

US: Three to six Regiments
CS: Five Regiments

US: 1200 men arranged in 12 companies and a headquarters
CS: 900 men arranged in 10 companies and a headquarters

US: One Captain, one First Lieutenant, one Second Lieutenant, one First Sergeant, one Quartermaster Sergeant, one Commissary Sergeant, five Sergeants, eight Corporals, two teamsters, one wagoner, two blacksmiths, one saddler, two musicians, and 70 troopers
CS: One Captain, three Lieutenants, five Sergeants, four Corporals, two blacksmiths, and 85 troopers

Support Units
Quartermaster (clothing and equipment)

Commissary (food)



Ambulance Corps (usually supports Medical)

Musicians (usually supported Medical as stretcher bearers)


Topographical Engineers (Mapmakers)

Provost (Military Police, usually a regiment detailed for that task.)

Judge Advocate General

Chaplain (usually at regimental level)


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