Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Buried in the Confederate Cemetery, San Antonio, TX

Elsworth P. Scales, 1st Sgt, CO A. 20th TX
Thomas Ramsey, Pvt, CO E. 15th TX
Absolim Hunt, Pvt, CO B, Nacogdoches Brigade, TX State Troops
William J. Morgan, Pvt, CO F, 12th TX Cavalry
Thomas Ramset, Pvt, 19th Brigade TX Militia.
W. M. Rogers, Pvt, CO H, 3rd TX Cavalry
George Wythe Baylor, Col, 2nd Arizona Brigade
John Marion Hopkins, Pvt, 13th Brigade, TX State Troops
Silas E. Kitchen, Pvt, CO C, 13 TX CavalryGeorge
Terrell Stovall, Corp, CO D, Mississippi Cavalry
Paschal R. Turner, Capt, CO B, 37th TX Cavalry
G. W. Adams, Pvt, CO D, 33rd TX Cavalry
Robert P. Lewis, Pvt, 35th TX Cavalry
John Wallace Kerr, 2LT, Hood’s Brigade, Longstreet’s Corps.
James T. Bell, Pvt, CO B, 2nd MS
Tom Dawson Finucane, 2nd Sgt, 12th Brigade TX
CavalryE.O.H. McGray, Pvt, CO K, 10th TX
James Henry Taylor, Pvt, CO B, 17th Brigade, TX State Troops
William B. Hamilton, Pvt, Darnelle’s Regiment, TX Volunteers
Thomas P. McCall, 1LT, CO B, TX State Troops
A.B. Hunt, Pvt, CO E, SC Rifles
B.B. Lee, Pvt, CO E, 23rd Brigade, TX State Troops
Joseph Rose, Pvt, CO C, 36 TX Cavalry
E Murphy, Pvt, 29th Brigade, CS Army
W.J. Hudspeth, Pvt, CO B, 2nd AR Cavalry
Robert D. James, Pvt, Light Dragoons
John R. Daniels, Pvt, CO H, 11th TX
Eleana B Dennis, Pvt, CO C, 2nd TX (AZ) Brigade
M.M. Fitzgerald, Pvt, CO F, 5th TX
F.M. Jackson, Pvt, CO G, 6th TX Cavalry
W.T. Harris, Pvt, CO D, Frontier Battalion
John Tisdale, Pvt, CO F, L Wauls Legion
Robert A. Persons, Pvt, CO E, 31st GA
Isaac Ramsey, Pvt, CO C, Texas Volunteer Infantry
Daniel S. Kaufman, Pvt, CO G, 3rd VA Cavalry and Terry’s Texas Cavalry Regiment
Thomas l. Smith, 1LT, CO H, Texas Volunteer Infantry
J. Wells, Pvt, Labadie Rifles Vol CO, Washington County Infantry
Edward B. Murphy, Pvt, CO B, 2nd AR
William F. Jones, Pvt, CO C 23rd AR
George D. Turner, Pvt, 23rd TX State Troops
J.H. Toor, Pvt, TX State Troops
J.T. Clinkscales, Pvt, Thompson’s CO, AL Regiment
Joseph M. Keener, Pvt, TX Militia
A Rabe, Pvt, 2nd Brigade TX State Troops
J.E. Mayfield, Pvt, CO G, 8th TX
Emory Gibbons, 2LT, 2nd Regiment, TX State Troops
Joseph Santana Cruz, Pvt. CO C, 33rd TX
CavalryJ.W. Holmes, Pvt. Wise CO, TX State Troops
Hugh Molen, Pvt, CO G, TX State Troops
John Addington, Pvt, CO H, TX Mounted Riflemen
G.T. Smith, Pvt, TX Light Artillery
Perry Moss, Pvt, Mounted Volunteers, 1st Regiment
John G. Hall, Pvt, CO I, 19th TX
Silas M. Graybill, 2LT, CO I, 18th TX
John Lindsey, 2LT, CO E, 2nd TX
William O. Rutlidge, Capt. CO G, 13th TX.
William Long, Pvt, Mounted Volunteers
William F. Sims, 1Sgt, CO D, 17th TX
Robert Lewis, Pvt, Coast Defense
Lucian P. Beck, Pvt, CO F, 5th TX Cavalry
William A. Stewart, 2LT, CO B, 11th TX Brigade
Francis M. Harding, 3rd Corp. 13th Brigade, TX State Troops
John Peeler, Pvt. Wigfall Mounted Infantry, TX State Troops
William H. Grinage, Pvt, CO I, 3rd TX
John Haynes, Pvt, CO D, Darnell’s Regiment
Joseph Mayfield, 3rd Sgt, CO G, 12th TX
John O Latour, Pvt, CO C TX Infantry
J.H. Dans, Pvt, CO D, 2nd TX
L.A. Harper, Pvt, TX Volunteer Infantry
Joseph James Campbell, Pvt, CO D, 4th TX
Lewis P. Ledbetter, 4th Sgt, CO K, 5th TX Cavalry
M.R. Jones, Pvt, CO D, TX State Troops
Hardy Marshall, Pvt, 32nd ART.
R. Collins, Pvt in both US and CS Armies
Boby Waters, Pvt, 9th Brigade TX Militia
Wiley Ledbetter, Capt, Titus CO, 8th Brigade TX Militia
Jacob L. Holmes, Pvt, Buford’s Regiment
Lina Helen Box, Sgt CO g, TX Infantry
William C. Leak, Corp. CO C, 6th GA
Elikland Johnson, Pvt, 14th Regiment, TX State Troops
John Varga, Pvt. CO H, 3rd TX
James M. Hunter, 1LT, TX Mounted Volunteers
Christaopher C. Harris, 2LT, CO D, 14th AL
George W. Frazar, Capt, 29th Brigade, TX Militia
John G. Dromgoole, Pvt, CO C, 32nd TX Cavalry
W. D. Robertson, Pvt, CO G, 30th TN
Thomas R. Collins, Pv, CO D, 12th TX Cavalry
Franklin Carpenter, Pvt, CO K, 37th AL
James L. Fitzgerald, Pvt, TX Infantry
Emery D. Deatherage, Pvt. CO K, 50th VA
William Sims, Pvt, 13th TX Brigade
Valentine V. Crosley, Pvt, Bradford’s CO, MS Light Artillery
Frederick A Crosley, 1st Sgt, Bradford’s CO, MS Light Artillery
Samuel W. Harris, Pvt, CO K, 17th TX
J Cox, Pvt, TX Troops
William F. Jones, CO H, 7th TX
J.L Davis, Pvt, CO D, 2nd TX
Charles P. Sadler, Pvt, CO H, 5th TX
James M. Hunter, Pvt, CO A, TX State Troops
William M. Sondley, Pvt, 14th TX
Patrick L. Henry, Major, CO B, 28th TX
G.W. Williams, Pvt, TX State Troops
Benjamin F. Cotton, 1LT, CO C, TX Cavalry
Marcus Allen Husie, Pvt, CO E, 15th TX
Eugene C. Crane, Pvt, CO H, 35th TX Cavalry
John B. Conrad, Sgt, CO B, TX Legion
George D. Turner, Pvt, 25th Brigade TX Infantry
W.G.M. Samuel, Pvt, TX Ordnance
John Green, Pvt, CO K, 9th TX Cavalry
William C. Taylor, Pvt, CO H, Coors Regiment
J. H. Davis, Pvt, CO D, 2nd TX
George W. Moore, Corp, CO F, 23rd TX Cavalry
James Tisdale, Pvt, 17th Brigade TX Militia
H Patrick, Pvt, 11th Brigade, TX State Troops
R.P. Wilkinson, Pvt, CO E, 19th TN Cavalry
Thomas L. Doyle, Pvt, CO K, 6th TX
John Andrew Blake, Pvt, 8th Brigade TX State Troops

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