Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Examples of a House Divided

This is taken from Burke Davis' The Civil War- Strange and Fascinating Facts.

Mary Lincoln's four brothers were Confederate officers.
Her three sisters were married to Confederate officers.

Captain Frank C. Armstrong resigned his commission as a member of the US 2nd Cavalry and became a Confederate Brigadier General. LT Manning Kimmel did the same thing (his son was Husband Kimmel, naval commander at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941).

Congressman Henry Clay's had three grandsons in Blue, while the other four wore Gray.
Senator George Crittenden had one son in Blue and the other in Gray.

Frederick Hubbard was wounded at First Bull Run while serving with the Washington Artillery of New Orleans. At a field hospital, he was placed next to his brother, Henry Hubbard of the 1st Minnesota, who he had not seen in seven years and was also wounded.

Colonel John S. Mosby (CSA) had help in capturing Colonel D. H. Dulaney (USA) in Alexandria, VA. Mosby's guide was French Dulaney, Colonel Dulaney's son.

General J.E.B. Stuart's chief of staff, Major H.B. McClellan's first cousin was no other than Major General George B. McClellan.

General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's sister was a staunch Unionist.

Confederate General John C. Pemberton, from Pennsylvania, had two brothers in the US Cavalry. He himself was the commanding officer of the Vicksburg defenses. Pemberton's wife was an in-law to Union Admiral David G Farragut. Farragut's gunboats on the Mississippi River sealed Pemberton's fate. One of Pemberton's wife's sisters was married to a Alexander Pennock, who commanded the gunboat detachment.

Union soldiers caught Louise Buckner and jailed her for smuggling quinine to the Rebels. She was the neice of Montgomery Blair, US Postmaster General.

Confederate Commodore Franklin Buchanan commanded CSS Virginia on her first mission. One of the ships that was sunk, USS Congress, had among its crew, Buchanan's brother, who was killed.

John Wentz, a Gettysburg farmer, hid in his cellar while his son fought with the Washington Artillery (CSA).

Wesley Culp, a relative of the family that owned Culp's hill, died not too far from his family's land.Culp was friends with a Union soldier who also knew Jenny Wade, the only civilian killed in the battle.

In Galveston, TX, Confederates captured USS Harriet Lane . Rebel Major A.M. Lea boarded the vessel and found his son, a US Navy Lieutenant, who was dying.

Confederate General Thomas Drayton commanded the defenses at Port Royal, SC. His brother commanded one of the attacking vessels, USS Pocahontas.

Confederate General Armistead Long was the son-in-law of Union General Edwin Sumner.

Of Confederate General Patrick Cleburne's two brothers, one went South and the other went North.

Confederate Captain John Inglis led troops who overran a Federal artillery position. His brother commanded the guns which ended up surrendering.

Both sides learned their tactics from the same book, written by Confederate General W.J. Hardee.

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