Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Executive Departments of the Warring Sides

United States of America:

President: Abraham Lincoln

Vice-President: Hannibal Hamlin (first-term)
Andrew Johnson (second-term)

Secretary of State: William H. Seward

Secretary of the Treasury: Salmon P. Chase (1861-1864)
George Harrington (1864)
William P. Fessenden (1864-1865)
Hugh McCullough (1865)

Secretary of War: Simon Cameron (1861-1862)
Edwin M. Stanton (1862-1865)

Attorney General: Edwin Bates (1861-1864)
James Speed (1864-1865)

Postmaster General: Montgomery Blair (1861-1864)
William Dennison (1864-1865)

Secretary of the Navy: Gideon Welles

Secretary of the Interior: Caleb B. Smith (1861-1863)
John P. Usher (1863-1865)

Confederate States of America:

President: Jefferson Davis

Vice-President: Alexander Stephens

Secretary of State: Robert Toombs (1861)
Robert M.T. Hunter (1861)
William M. Browne (1861-1862)
Judah Benjamin (1862-1865)

Secretary of War: Leroy P. Walker (1861)
Judah Benjamin (1861)
George W. Randolph (1862)
Judah Benjamin (1862)
George W. Randolph (1862)
Gustavus W. Smith (1862)
James Seddon (1862-1865)
John Breckenridge (1865)

Secretary of the Treasury: Christopher Memminger (1861-1864)
George Trenholm (1864-1865)

Secretary of the Navy: Stephen Mallory

Attorney General: Judah Benjamin (1861)
Thomas Bragg (1861-1862)
Thomas Watts (1862-1864)
Wade Keyes (1864)
George Davis (1864-1865)

Postmaster General: Henry Ellet (1861)
John Reagan (1861-1865)

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