Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Major Effort

The following 13 posts on this blog will list major and minor events, people, and writings
of the Civil War.

The first will be the bibliography.

The other 12 will have the US Civil War arranged by month, then by the day, then for each year of the conflict. This will be followed by those who had birthdays during that month.

Let me make two things perfectly clear:

I don’t have everything listed

I don’t have everyone listed

The bibliography has every source I used, both print and online. There have been thousands of events associated with the Civil War, from politics, to minor skirmishes, to major battles. It is almost impossible to get everything. Same with the birthday listings, since not everyone had their full birthdate listed. (EX: Judah Benjamin, CS Secretary of State does not have a record of a full birthdate. He was born in the British Virgin Islands and I guess record keeping wasn’t as strict then.)

This will be an ongoing work. As I find out other events and other information, I will update.

I expect to spend the rest of my life improving this, but it is my hope that I can publish this in book form under the title, “An Amateur’s Look at the American Civil War.” As such I will label my entries as, “An Amateur’s Look at the American Civil War: January” and so on.

If anyone posts a comment with new information that can be used, I will update the entry and credit the poster.

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