Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Manual of Arms

1. Carrying the musket: Right side of body, barrel pointed up, rammer to the front, barrel resting on the shoulder, right hand gripping the stock below the trigger guard.

2. Support arms: Move the musket from the right to the left, then support the weapon by wrapping the left arm around, allowing the forearm to support the musket at the hammer. The right arm is straight down.

3. Attention: Heels together, feet at an angle, legs straight but do not lock the knees (you will faint), body straight, head straight, eyes front, arms are straight down (if not carrying a musket), hands curled as if holding a roll of specie.

4. Present Arms: Musket is brought in front of the body, held with both hands. This is used as a salute.

5. Order Arms: musket is brought back to the carry position.

6. Shoulder Shift Arms: Musket is brought to where the hammer is at shoulder level and facing out. The weapon is at an angle. The arm is across the stock in order to support the musket.

7. Fix Bayonets: Musket is grounded with the barrel pointed up, supported by the right hand. The left hand grips the bayonet and pulls it out of the scabbard. The bayonet is then turned so that the point is straight up. The bayonet is then threaded over the front sight and the locking ring is turned to the right, locking the bayonet in place. The musket is then returned to the carry position.

8. Charge Bayonet: From the carry position, the left hand grips the barrel between the 1st and 2nd bands. The right hand is still at the stock. The musket is then rotated to about a 45 degree angle, usually accompanied with a shout.

9. Unfix Bayonet: The reverse of #7.

10. Ground: Musket is placed on the ground with the hammer up.

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