Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Non-Commissioned Officers

All Non-Commissioned Officers are chosen by the Colonel, usually with the recommendations of the other Officers.

The 1st Sergeant will conduct the morning roll call. Action to be taken included, noting who is absent, who is sick, assign specific duty, and issue rations and clothing (if needed). Any sick personnel would be sent to the Surgeon. A report of the roll call would be composed for the Colonel.

The NCO had some privileges:

They were not confined with privates in the Guardhouse.

They were not to be used for menial service, or as waiters in an officer’s mess.

They could not be reduced in rank except by a court-martial.

They received a certificate of their rank from the Colonel.

They were not transferred to another regiment except with the approval of the Commanding General.

They were allowed to re-enlist during a window of two months prior to one month after the expiration of service.

The NCO had specific duties:

They assisted the officers in maintaining discipline.

If assigned as Officer of the Guard, they could not leave their post unless visiting sentinel positions, and then only after notifying the duty corporal.

They were not allowed to remove any part of their clothing or equipment while on guard duty.

They ensured the sign/countersign is communicated to the other sentinels.

They were not allowed to use foul language. For the first instance, 1/6 of a dollar was taken out of the next paycheck. On the second, 1/6 of a dollar was forfeited and 24 hours spent in the guardhouse.

They were required to suppress any attempts of mutiny and sedition. Failing to do so would put the NCO on trial.

They had the authority to enforce discipline, even if soldiers from other regiments were involved.

The NCO must be sober, clean, and have strict attention to detail while performing their duties.

Corporals must comport themselves in the same manner as the Sergeants.

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