Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Other things:

1. Cartridge boxes and bayonet scabbards will be polished with blacking, not varnish.

2. Mark haversacks with the letter of the company and the number of the soldier.
(EX: C 57)

3. Mark the flap of the knapsack with the unit designation, and company letter, and the soldier’s number. (EX: 69NY
C 57)

4. Haversacks and canteens will be worn on the left side, canteen over haversack.

5. Private soldiers will wear uniform at all times, other clothing is not authorized.

6. Soldiers will be issued one plate, one cup, one fork, one spoon, and one knife for messing purposes.

7. NCOs and soldiers are to pay compliments to Navy and Marine officers.

8. NCOs and soldiers are to render customs and courtesies to any and all officers above them.

9. Salutes: With arms: bring the musket to right shoulder arms, then bring the left arm across the chest, touching the musket.
Without arms: bring the right hand to the corner of the visor, palm facing out.

10. If seated, the NCO or soldier will rise on the approach of an officer and render a salute.

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