Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Supreme Court Justices who were Civil War Veterans


Oliver Wendell Holmes—Captain in a Massachusetts Regiment. (Holmes is known for two things, yelling at President Lincoln to get down, and for the majority opinion in Schenck vs. US in which is was declared that the First Amendment was not absolute, especially in wartime.)

John M. Harlan—Colonel in a Kentucky Regiment

William B. Woods—Lieutenant Colonel, 76th Ohio. Left service as a Brevet Major General.

Stanley Matthews—Lieutenant Colonel, 23rd Ohio


Edward D. White—Possibly a Lieutenant in a Louisiana Regiment, but details are sketchy. (He was the 9th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.)

Horace H. Lurton—Sergeant-Major, 5th Tennessee, 2nd Kentucky, and 3rd Kentucky Cavalry.

Lucius Q. C. Lamar—Colonel, 19th Mississippi. (Before his Supreme Court appointment, he was Secretary of the Interior.)

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