Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Book is out....

Announcing the e-publishing of my book, "An Amatuer's Look at the American Civil War."

1. Go to

2. Click on "Buy"

3. Under the books heading, click on "History"

4. Towards the bottom you will see "Try out advanced search" click on that.

5. Type in my last name, Powers, in the Name field.

6. My book is on page 5.

It is available only as a e-book right now.

I'll be the first to admit that I probably have not addressed every single aspect of the WBTS. But then and again, that would be what a Second Edition is for.

Hello my name is Ann Anderson and are a girl that live in Sweden,
And i found your nice site and i have a history site about the american civil war. I wonder you like to exchange links with ? It can help us both with marketing online.
I think that my site can be a good school resource.

I have even a blog that i should begain to use and my member can even get one if them want or if anyone els want to have one

This is the site explanation on my site and adress
American Civil War:Comprehensive American Civil War site with forums

if you want to exchange links with me send with your site explanation and the adress

American Civil War 1861-1865 and the slavery (the slavery part will do bigger and not only Usa) history and it´s greatly with information. It´s includes the history of the slaves in america, i have also civil war letters in the catagori (Family War Stories)

I will be wery happy if you can exchange links me

My blog site is

I also recommend going to where you will get excellent information and chat with Civil War buffs from all over the world. (I post there under the name FSPowers)

By the way, Sweden gave us John Ericson, designer and builder of the USS Monitor.

Have a god day.

Hi Fred,

I check in with your blog from time to time for new posts. I too chose Lulu as a printing option for my Civil War book "Hurst's Wurst: Colonel Fielding Hurst and the Sixth Tennessee Cavalry." For anyone interested in your book, you might consider adding the "Preview this Book" feature. It gives potential buyers a feel for how the interior looks and may help influence them to buy it. You might also want to give a direct link to your book on your blog. It took me a little while to find it using the advance search on Lulu. Just a few suggestions.
On CivilWarTalk you stated that the chevrons on CS Marine uniforms were brown can you cite a reference for this? Many Thanks!
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